We work throughout Puget Sound on diverse projects to restore iconic marine resources and a healthy ecosystem.



Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound through on-the-ground projects. We are committed to a vision of a clean and healthy Sound that is productive, full of life, and that sustains us. The populations we rebuild to achieve that vision are key to maintaining ecosystem health. Other programs we've launched are designed to spur clean water efforts and re-forge connections between people and resources.



PSRF projects are science-based and undertaken to restore a healthy ecosystem. Our staff of ecologists and technicians are in the lab and in the field. Our work takes place on the tideflats, in the water and at the hatchery as we rebuild breeding populations, enhance living marine habitat and incubate mitigation strategies.



We host events to connect people to the marine resources that define abundance here in Puget Sound. When we gather together and partake in these resources, we help build support for a clean and healthy Sound full of life and capable of sustaining us. Plus, we know how to party!


Our Signature Programs

Olympia Oysters

Re-establish self-sustaining native oyster beds throughout Puget Sound to provide filtration and structured habitat for a diverse community of marine species.

Bull Kelp

Re-establish bull kelp beds as a key component of a healthy nearshore system to help support salmon and other fish populations.

Community Shellfish Farms

Restore and maintain clean water, and re-forge connections between local communities and healthy marine resources.

Ocean Acidification

Lead a collaborative team investigating potential actions in the marine system to help improve seawater conditions locally.

Pinto Abalone

Raise and outplant hatchery-reared abalone using state-of-the-art techniques to recover this vanishing species and maintain the health and vibrancy of rocky reef habitat.

Conservation Hatchery

Operate the Kenneth K. Chew Center for Shellfish Research and Restoration in partnership with NOAA.

Dungeness Crab

Promotes and supports sustainable Dungeness crab populations in the Pacific Northwest through the Pacific Northwest Crab Research Group (PCRG).

Biotoxin Monitoring

With Washington State Department of Health, coordinate a network of volunteers who help monitor biotoxins in shellfish.

Support PSRF

Support PSRF

Founded in 1997, PSRF is a nonprofit organization in Washington dedicated to recovering coastal resources and maintaining our connection to them. When we work to recover their abundance, we become more deeply rooted in the health of this place.


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