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iconic species and habitats that are
imperiled or diminished


our connections to marine resources


a healthy ecosystem that supports diverse species - including us

Photos by Cameron Karsten, Marc Shor, Lisa Merrill

Our Projects

Our Projects

Our Mission, Our Goal

Restore. Renew. Recover.

Founded in 1997, Puget Sound Restoration Fund works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound. We are committed to a vision of a clean and healthy Sound that is productive, full of life, and capable of sustaining local communities. The populations we rebuild to achieve that vision – oysters, abalone, kelp – are key to maintaining ecosystem health. The community shellfish farms we launch and operate are designed to spur clean water efforts and re-forge connections between people and resources.

Mark Your Calendar

Annual Seed Sale
Saturday, June 6, 2015
8:30am – 12:30pm

Please contact wendy@restorationfund.org to be added to our list of shellfish gardeners. All items need to be ordered in advance. Click here to download an order form.

News and Events

Puget Sound Restoration Fund has been awarded a $1.5 million dollar grant from The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation for their Puget Sound Ocean Acidification mitigation project. Learn more…
Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm oyster season has started! We are offering many ways to get Henderson Oysters such as Elliot's Oyster House in Seattle, local restaurants in Olympia, work-parties at the Farm, and our new farm stand at the corner of Stoll Rd. and Lilly Rd. in east Olympia. Click here for more information or to place an order for pickup.
Port Madison Petite Oysters on sale and shucked to order – all for your slurping pleasure. Friday, March 27, 2015 and Friday, April 24, from 4 - 7 pm.
PSRF is pleased to announce Johansson-Clark Real Estate has renewed their sponsorship of the Port Madison Community Shellfish Farm. Johansson-Clark has a philosophy of “island living,” which involves working with the community to hold on to healthy and productive marine systems. This complements PSRF’s vision of a clean and healthy Sound that is full of life and capable of sustaining us. Re-connecting people on Bainbridge Island with harvest opportunities provides an incentive for efforts to preserve and restore clean water. Please visit www.johanssonclark.com (link is external)
Shellfish growers from around the state served up 33,000 world-class oysters November 2nd at Elliott’s Oyster House’s annual Oyster New Year celebration, generating a whopping $10,000 for Puget Sound Restoration Fund’s Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm. It was the oyster lover’s ultimate experience as a throng of 1,000 slurpers descended on the 100 foot-long oyster bar, knocking back these gifts from the sea while lapping up salmon, crab, and fritters and dousing down wines, ales and other concoctions from the Northwest and beyond. Truly, a tour-de-force performance by all!
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Save the Date: October 3, 2015. More information later...

Read an excellent article in December's Seattle Magazine, Despite Troubled Waters, We're Experiencing an Oyster Renaissance

GiveBIG and GreatGive Campaigns

Puget Sound Restoration Fund is proud to be participating in the Kitsap Great Give AND Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaigns on May 5.

Your donations give a BIG lift to our efforts to recover healthy marine systems, restore native oyster, abalone, and kelp populations, and rebuild our connections to resources that feed us. In 2015, Puget Sound Restoration Fund is launching a 5-year project to test whether seaweed cultivation can help mitigate ocean acidification in local areas. Kelps naturally absorb CO2 as they grow. We can potentially harness this ability to improve conditions for sensitive marine critters. A team of scientists will assess the effect of seaweed on chemistry and biology. We’ll also explore different products that can be made with the harvested seaweed – in order to solve a problem and create an opportunity all at the same time. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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